Improved screens to display empty data
The screens which display empty data are now improved.
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Invalid filters no longer disappear
Earlier, when fields are deleted, the respective Filters were not listed. Even though the visibility icon showed that there is a filter.
Now there is an error symbol depicting that the filter is no longer valid.
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Onboarding & Adding Data Source Improvements
We've made some updates to make it quicker and easier than ever to get setup with Stacker. It is now only one step to create a workspace and your first app, and adding data to your apps is improved too.
Here's a breakdown of what's changed:
  • It's now a single step to create your workspace and your first app.
  • The theming changes of your app color, icon & sidebar color now update instantly in the workspace as you configure them.
  • You can now onboard to Stacker on your mobile.
  • When adding data to an app we now provide contextual help to help you find the details you need to connect.
Error Notification Menu
Previously, if you changed a single select field to a multi-select field or vice versa in your schema and it was used to filter your users in a Customer List, you may have been unaware that the change had invalidated your configuration.
We've now added a brand new error notification menu to let you know when a change you've made has caused an issue with your app's configuration.
Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 12
this only alerts to changing a single select field used in a Customer List filter to a multi-select or vice versa
, however we will be adding functionality to alert to other types of errors too.
Clicking on the notification will take you to the Customer List settings where you can alter your filter.
Roles Off By Default
Previously Roles were enabled automatically when you created a new app, meaning you had extra settings to configure even if you only used the default user Role.
Now if you don't want to use custom Roles you will not see all of the settings associated with them, making configuring a new app even more simple.
Roles can now be enabled via the Roles page in App Settings.
If Roles are disabled, filters with roles cannot be used in conditional visibility. You will now see an 'advanced' button is present in conditional visibility and in the navigation settings to prompt you to turn Roles on so filters and sharing settings based on Roles can be used.
New Help Menu
We've added a brand new Help Menu to make it even easier to access resources and support whilst configuring your app.
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The Help Menu is opened by pressing the blue question mark at the bottom right of your screen.
You can relaunch the Getting Started Checklist, access our Documentation, find an answer to your question in our Community or watch our Video Tutorials. You can also give us feedback via our Slack group or make a feature request.
To speak with our support team, you can select 'Chat with Us' to open the messenger.
Updated Created By Field Settings
Previously, you could choose a field to be automatically filled by the current user when they created a new record however only fields that were links to the user table would show.
We've now updated this feature to show suitable options based upon User Profile link fields and also to now allow you to select non-link fields to be filled with user attributes.
Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 22
For example, you can now choose to fill an email field with the current user's email.
Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 21
Updated List View Filters and Conditional Visibility for 'Current User's' Attributes
We have improved the list view filters and conditional visibility selectors for 'current user's' attributes to ensure you can only select appropriate options.
  • If there is no user profile added, we will show Stacker User fields in the filter dropdown.
  • If there is one user profile added, we show the user profile table fields in the filter dropdown.
  • If there are multiple user profiles added, we show each user profile table fields, grouped by user profile table in the filter dropdown.
For example, if I had both a customer and employee user profile configured in my app, when filtering a list view and selecting 'email' 'is current user's', I would see options for the fields in the tables associated with both my customer and employee tables, grouped by the table.
Wrap Lookup Fields on List Views
We previously added the ability for you to allow wrapping of text fields on list views and now we have also enabled this functionality for lookup fields.
As with text fields, this is configured when toggling fields on in edit mode of a table list view. By clicking on the pencil for a lookup field, you should see the checkbox option to wrap the text.
Branded Login/Registration for Workspace Users
Workspace users can now access your workspace via branded login and register pages. This branding will reflect the logo uploaded in the appearance section of your workspace settings.
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